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Now that you are looking for information to learn how to play violin chords, it can be expected that you already have gathered some very basic knowledge of violin playing. You must also be very attentive in learning the violin finger chart or the basic violin chords. If you are not dedicated to learning violin, the task can pose to be challenging to you. Again, if you practice playing violin chords maintaining the proper finger chart, you become adept at the violin notes and chords very fast. And, it will not take long before you become an expert violin player. All you need to do is to have an ear to sense the essence of the music that the instrument produces, and the effort to produce that winning tune by playing violin chords. Here we are going to provide you with some basic violin chord lessons.


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The technical term for violin chord is ‘double stop’. Don’t know what a double stop is? When you play a double stop or a violin chord, you are playing violin notes on the adjacent strings simultaneously. You press on two strings and bow the pluck to produce the chord. Those two strings are stopped to play a violin chord, and thereby, the name for a chord is double stop. If you did learn how to play violin chords or, at least, notes, you must have noticed that the violin has a curved bridge. So, it may be difficult to pluck or bow more than two strings at the same time, unless you are an extraordinary violin player.

In the early stage of your process to learn to play violin chords or double stops using 4/4 beats. Sense of time is an important factor in this regard. Gentle taping of your foot is a very good and effective way to play the basic violin chords with proper beats. But you have to take care that the movement of your foot does not disturb the way you have held your violin between your chin and shoulder. The taping of your foot and the movement of the rest of your body should be flexible but harmonious, giving you the utmost comfort and spontaneity to play the instrument.

Many people who want to learn how to play violin chords have found it difficult to remember the fingering. To make things easier, you can make a methodical approach to it. You can get you yourself a violin finger chart and comprehend it well, while doing shadow practice and imagining the sound produced. After you have almost memorized the finger chart, you can try your memorized data on the strings. You may attempt to do both at the same time. Since using fingertips takes much of your attention, you cannot learn fingertip using and memorize violin finger chart at the same time. If you are too keen to learn how to play violin chords at the earliest, you can make a time division to devote time separately for learning the basic violin chords and also for memorizing the violin finger chart.


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